The Best of Times, the Worst of Times: A Visioning Tool for Healing

with Topaz Weis

Suggested materialsYour choice of markers, pastels, crayons or colored pencils. Paper 8.5 x 11 or even better 11x14, something to make 2 circles that will fit side by side on your paper. Salad plates work well or Tupperware lids, a journal, pen or pencil.

Topaz Weis

Topaz Weis is an Expressive Arts Facilitator, lecturer, dancer, artist and mother. She is the founder of Expressive Arts Burlington in Vermont, USA.

Topaz’ work, informed by many years of study in dance, theatre, trans-cultural mythology, and multi-modal expressive arts, empowers people to come together for fun and profound experiences which refresh the spirit and provide new and exciting pathways towards growth and wholeness.

She is gifted with the ability to inspire people to expand beyond perceived limitations, find a deeper meaning in life, explore their imaginations and rediscover their creative spark.

Topaz works with an international clientele in person, by phone, virtually, and in sponsored engagements. She can be hired for one on one coaching, teaching, speaking engagements and consultation.


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