You’re Not Alone: What Grief Really is and How to Find Peace so You can Feel YOU Again

with Kirsten Schowalter

Suggested materials: Journal, pen, anything to write or draw with for note taking.


Kirsten Schowalter

Hi, I’m Kirsten, the author of In My Own Skin and the founder of A New Way to Grieve and Aging Courageously.

I believe we grieve because we love. So I believe the flipside of grief is love and the flipside of life is death. That means, for me, death isn’t something to shy away from.  My experiences of death, like with my dad or my best friend when I was 7, have given me my purpose in life. And even though someone I love doesn’t die everyday, my experiences with death have taught me the tools to bounce back when I experience the everyday manifestations of death in my day-to- day life. Death is life. 

I’m here to teach you those tools and give you the resources you need so that when you experience death you can grieve in a way that actually works to bring you more life. 

My expertise draws from writing and publishing personal stories and my training in mindful movement, yin yoga and dance, Spanish, and demography/population studies. I hold a graduate degree from UC Berkeley in Population Studies/Demography and an undergraduate degree from St. Olaf College in Spanish. My work has been featured in newspapers and magazines nationwide, including the Yakima Herald Republic, the Rochester Post Bulletin, Historic North Tacoma, and the St. Olaf Magazine. My book is available at