Loss 2 Love – Transform Grief Through the Power of Movement

with Michaela Baumgartner

Suggested materials: Paper or Journal, Pen or Pencil

Michaela Baumgartner

Michaela Ashaneya Baumgartner is an international Healer, Teacher, Writer and Performance Artist. Born and raised in Austria, she now lives in Alaska and has worked for a decade with The Whirling Rainbow Foundation. Touring in 16 countries touching ten thousands of people through Cultural & Healing Arts and serving as Tour Manager & Program Coordinator, she specialized in assisting others to transform any form of loss to love.  

Her coined “Loss 2 Love” Workshops, Lectures and Sessions focus on ways how to build a new relationship with your loved one. When people request it, she also assists as a Medium to help communicate as she believes the dialog with our loved ones has not ended but ascended to a new form. She lost her nineteen year-old brother in a tragic car accident – the turning point of her path. Her memoir “Loss 2 Love” will be released in 2020 to inspire others through her own initiation of death. In 2013, Michaela was the Europe Peace Tour Manager leading reconciliation ceremonies for Israeli descendants of the Holocaust at the Austrian concentration camps.  

Michaela is a Certified Bowen Practitioner, Certified Master of Shamanic Arts and holds a Master in Literature and Communications from the University of Vienna. She graduated from a certified training of the Journalist Academy in Austria and has worked as a political journalist until she rerouted her life to becoming a healer. She has been initiated into shamanic teachings from all around the world. Michaela is a Master Drum Maker and Flute Teacher whose music was recorded on several CD’s. She has published her German thesis “Fulgura Frango. Thunderstorm Literature of the 18th Century” and self-published her German book “Rainbow Land.” Her greatest passion is to assist and inspire others to walk their own authentic path of healing and empowerment.


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