Embracing Life After Loss

with Allen Klein

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Allen Klein

You never forget the people you lose. But you can grow stronger, wiser, and more appreciative of life as you move forward.

And, believe it or not, you can even laugh again. This session will help you find the joy in life once more as it demonstrates

how to go from loss to laughter in five stages…losing, learning, letting go, living and finally laughing.

Allen Klein (aka “Mr. Jollytologist”®) shows audiences worldwide how to use humor and positive thinking to deal with not-so-funny stuff.

He knows well about loss; his wife died at the age of 34.

Klein is an award-winning professional speaker and author of 28 books including, The Healing Power of Humor, You Can’t Ruin My Day, Positive Thoughts for Troubling Times and, the book we will discuss today, Embracing Life After Loss now available on Amazon here!

He is also a TEDx presenter and blogger on happiness. Comedian Jerry Lewis has said that Allen Klein

is “a noble and vital force watching over the human condition.”



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